Why are mushrooms growing on my lawn?

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Mushrooms in the lawn.

If you are wondering why mushrooms are growing on your lawn, first of all, don’t worry as they are a sign of a healthy lawn.

Mushrooms are the fruit of the fungi and are perfectly normal. Mushroom’s growth is usually initiated when the following two growing conditions are correct.

  1. The weather has been warm.
  2. The ground has been consistently damp.

Although these growing conditions can be achieved any time of the year, they are more likely to occur during the autumn period.

A healthy lawn will have many different types of fungi active through a lawn at any point in the year.

Should you remove mushrooms from the lawn?

Fungi is a positive addition to a healthy lawn as it helps decay thatch and other organic matter. As this matter decomposes, the process adds nutrients back into the soil.

Even though fungi are beneficial to the lawn, they can be a pain when they appear overnight, especially when you are trying to achieve a flawlessly manicured lawn.

Mushroom growing in lawn.

Removing mushrooms from a lawn

Mushrooms can be removed by simply picking them by hand. Most lawn mushrooms are harmless, however, to be on the safe side please use gardening gloves when handling them.

In order to help prevent them coming back in the future, there are two things to try:

  1. Remove buried debris. Mushrooms often grow from buried dead organic matter such as dead tree roots. Digging out the tree root will reduce the chance of mushrooms growing in the future. Do not remove the roots of live trees.
  2. Remove general thatch and moss from the lawn by raking the lawn in spring.

Can you treat lawns to prevent mushrooms from growing?

General fungi growth does not need to be treated by fungicides. The best method of prevention can be found in the section above.

If your lawn is affected by a specific fungal infection, such as Red Thread, fungicides can be applied to treat the issue. However, the application of fungicides to home gardens in strictly legislated in the UK. If you are unsure of which fungicides to use or how best to use them, it is advised that you seek help from a professional lawn maintenance company to apply the fungicide.

If your lawn is affected by fairy rings (mushrooms that grow in a circle on the lawn), the only way of treating this is to excavate the first 300mm of topsoil, replace it with new soil and reseed the area.

Generally, the best method in treating your lawn for mushrooms is to proactively try to prevent them from occurring by following the steps from the section Removing mushrooms from a lawn.

So, why are mushrooms growing in my lawn? That’s because your lawn is healthy. Congratulations! Mushrooms and fungi in general are beneficial to lawns so don’t try too hard to remove them. Mushrooms are only a temporary occurrence in a lawn and you can rest assured that your lawn will be back to it’s best in no time.